Monday, October 27, 2008

masih belum siaplah. takuut

goin back to schoooooooooolll~

bubbye everyone.

havent done my bio lab design. maaf, pn r.

havent fully done my chem lab report. maaf, pn z.

havent started my presentation work on munirah, saga. maaf, pn h.

havent done my maths juga. maaf, pn h. (yg lain)

doakan saya untuk test maths dan chemistry. ampuuuunnn... =I

mari makan spagety. =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


ad sorg kwn. dy sengal. bukti :

daya joe: nymph
daya joe: penat tau x
daya joe: dr dulu smpai skg
daya joe: xkn x bole pk lagik ape nk wat
haq mohaidin: hmm
haq mohaidin: ...
daya joe: kalo i bole pnt2 bwt.
daya joe: xkan u x bole
haq mohaidin: ;)
haq mohaidin: isk
daya joe: nmpk sgt u x pnh usaha
haq mohaidin: silap emoticon
haq mohaidin: :(
haq mohaidin: mei...
haq mohaidin: sory la...

bole bygkn x... org tengah mara berapi2 neh.. ttbe kua emoticon wink2! hahahahaahahhahh sesat...

cnt stop laughing..

movie kurun dahulu kala.

uhurm. watched i'm not single & cinta. juz now. ketinggalan zaman giler. hahahahhahha. ok. cried a lot!! i tink i'd bursted for all scenes! huhu. over sensitive lah pulak. but both stories r great. cinta is so wonderful. its not jz da storyline but the moral values in it mke the story alive. prove, i cried! ahaha. well. i'm not single is very funny and cute. but overall, the storyline ws jz d same as those novels. i dunnoe if the movie is an adaptation or what. but i really enjoyed watching it. and the last part of i'm not single.. the part when adam n maya started to quarrel each other n use kau aku and maya said bodoh to adam and was shouting at him and adam starred and blah after that and i cried.THE BEST PART, u noe. huuu.

well. juz cry if want to. movie is the best medium as reason to cry. nobody will ask why. u got what i mean? farhanabee, i noe u noe. hahaha

lab report x start lagik! walaweyhhh..

huh. semangat, semangat!!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

love bug again!!

pls watch.


ohh ya. i DO hv a fren. tp dia sangat bangang. fulstop.

Friday, October 24, 2008

chanrakkun (dunnoe how to spel)

m home. n damn tired. but today m very hepy (except for biology test period) as the thai kids came n spent. jap. my mind zero.

m very xcited to post bout dis but i jz cnt write now. nvm lah. pixies rule

her name is kau.

artie. (sory, dunnow how to spel) =)

with pear. she talked a lot!

part of us with part of them.

we laughed.
we learnt.
we had jokes.
we snap.
we danced.
we walked n talked.
we shared.
we love.

very nice of them. n they'r in age of 13-16. still,, taller than me. ouch.

sleepy head having sweet dream~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

mee suah = horizontally-inclined

since rmai org akan tnye wth mee suah is.. so taddaaa...!! dj's fabulous mee suah. haha. tah.

and obviously, it comes frm this!

rm1.20 a pcket, u can eat for 4 times! dun wory, its halal. see?

awesome kan, my fav since i ws little baby. bcs, my mum used to sumbat me with dis mee suah evry morning as she had to rush for work. argg. antique.

well. no more offensive language please, as paklan had taught us. corection! shes not fat, shes getting horizontally-inclined!

and i have dis culprit ulcer. ouch. 2 laa, talk too much. adoyy

plus, semalam satu kertas putih bersaiz separa a4 mengandungi 6 soalan maths susah-nak-mampus jatuh ke ribaku.. ah! baru teringat maths ad homework. gggrrrrr....

Monday, October 6, 2008

hepy besday mamai maio!

hmm. today an another gal had grown. my dearest rumate, myra innessa bt azmi, welcome to the club! HEPY BURPPPPDAY!! may ALLAH bless you.. dun noty2, n dun lazy2 to kemas bilek kayh? cian la cinderella dj niyh.. ahaha!

trivia bout myra :

  • kaki cermin. every 2 seconds she will looks at her reflection. dunnoe why.
  • berejam2 tecongok dpn locker, sbb xtau nk pkai baju ape.
  • xpenah iron baju kurung. x aci....
  • tp kalo shirts n pants, no need to iron pon dy cbok nk iron jugak.
  • tgk j-drama time org nak study. ish2.
  • has extremely evil laugh.
  • gy class plg lambat, gy buka plg awal.
  • suke blurpp kuat2. haha!
  • tido mulut ngaaaaaa... =p
  • baju klawar ijau, suar pink. ngeh2~ cn u imagine?
  • komplen sal rambut. kejap nk pjg, kejap nk pendek. konpius.
  • photogedixx!
  • mrs z to be. lalalalalala
k dear, may u having fun with us for the rest of ur 2 years in ib lyfe! wahaha.

no hadiah until u brought me one!